Have you done it?

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Have you done it?  I have.  We have all done it at some point or another.  Hitting a great tee shot quickly followed by a really poor second shot seemingly from nowhere.  Completely out of the blue.  It is extremely  frustrating.  What really is the challenge is to not do it too often.  But why does it happen?

The first question to ask yourself is, was it poor shot choice or poor execution.  Once you can establish the correct response then you can create an environment for change and improvement.  More often than not it comes down to a poor choice with high risk and deep down you know you will either make the shot or come off second best.

Course management is an essential part of playing the game.  If you are struggling and making the same poor choices and expecting a different result you will be disappointed.  Golfing your ball around the course no matter how pretty your golf swing is, is the game.

If it is poor execution then the answer is creating an environment for change on the practice fairway.  Most golfers practice much better than they play and the reason is that there is no pressure or result pressure on the range.  You must try and make your training session efficient, covering all bases (technical, tactical, mental and physical).  Start to make yourself uncomfortable on the range and see the results on the course.