Start at the Beginning

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Builders take great time and care to ensure a building’s foundations are stable and correct, otherwise the building can’t be developed correctly. So it is with a golf swing. You can identify a good golfer by the way they stand to the ball, likewise a golfer with poor posture is identified as one who limits their potential.

Ground force: why great golf swings start from the feet

One principle that applies in sport is that when your feet are in contact with the ground is that you use the ground for stability and production of power. As the club is swinging down at approximately 9 o’clock, there is a sensation of your feet actually pushing into the ground only mildly and that will help continue the movement of the swing.  When this occurs it centers the pivot or turning point and creates better balance.


A key principal to remember when going through your pre-shot routine is “club face first, body second”  Another key concept to remember is the shoulders are lined up parallel to and left of the target.  The lower body should also be lined up slightly left to create resistance for the backswing.  Because you are standing sideways and dealing with visual distortion, it takes practice and feedback to become good at alignment.

At every training session when working an aspect of your full swing it is important to create a work station.  Putting a club down on the ground running parallel to your target line will help create a better awareness of your whole aim.

Source Peter Knight