The Hardest Shot to Play

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Essentially a pitch shot is a bigger version of the chip shot.  There are a couple of noticeable differences.

  • You set up with the shaft more neutral than a chip shot. (Straight up and down) This exposes more of the bounce to the ground.
  • As you turn and move the club back you are actively hinging your wrists, then unhinging your wrists though impact and ultimately turning and pivoting back towards the target.
  • The pivot of the lower body moves along at the same time as the club in a pitch.
  • The movement of the hinge is a similar feel as if you were hammering a nail into a piece of wood.
  • It has the sensation of a small arm swing with more wrist hinge and cock, not a long arm swing.

To hit good pitch shots, the clubhead must be moving more than the grip.  If you move the grip end too much, you will not create any hinge or speed, and to speed the head up you will pull down on the handle only slowing the whole club down, presenting inconsistent loft and poor contact.

Players often set up with the right shoulder lower than the left, to try and help the ball in the air by scooping it up.  Doing this will only make it harder, because it makes the lowest point of the swing very inconsistent.  Keep your weight to the left and focus on keeping the shoulders more level through the swing.  It starts with your posture; your shoulders should turn around your spine.

Be aware not to aim too far to the left, squaring up your stance and set up will help you swing the club around your body both back and through which will help your shots fly straight with less sidespin.

Pivot is the way your body moves in the swing.

There are 3 important aspects to good pitch shots

  • Angle of attack
  • Clubface presentation
  • Forward rotation