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Choking or Panicking

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How many times have you witnessed the heartbreak of an athlete faltering at a crucial moment?  The painstaking drama of the moment can be excruciating to watch, particularly when the athlete is at the height of their career or even worse, an athlete you coach.  At these times, the terms choking or panicking are thrown around loosely to label the underperformance of the individual or team.  But what do these terms mean?  Is there a difference between them?  And can anything prevent an athlete from choking? Continue Reading→



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Run and Hit -Pitching

Around the green create a shot easy or more difficult to a specific target.  Using 1 ball, you must hit 10 shots to that same target.   Before hitting each shot you must run around the green.  Once back at the ball, run through your full pre-shot routine prior to hitting each shot.   After you have hit your shot pick up your ball and start to run around the green again.  Repeat 10 times.  It is important to note the quality of shots early in the drill compared to the last half of the drill.  Do they drop off?  What can you do to help deal with the lack of breath or the heart beating more quickly?  Allocate points in relation to where the shot finishes.  5 points if you hole out, 2 points if the ball finishes within 1 club length, 0 points if outside of 1 club length.

Repeat this drill a various stages of you practice.


Biggest Practice Mistake

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Been practicing hard but not showing the benefits of all that practice when you get to competition? This is extremely common and it occurs with players of all levels, from Tour players to high handicappers. Frustrating isn’t it!

How would you like to ensure that your efforts in practice are transferred to the golf course, especially in competition? Of course that is what every golfer wants.

One way to ensure value from your practice sessions is to avoid making the errors outlined below by first being aware of them and following the advice

Problem #1 Practicing without a purpose

Solution: Be Continue Reading→


I Think I Can

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“If you are distressed by anything external, the pain is not due to the thing itself, but to your estimate of it; and this you have the power to revoke at any moment.”  Marcus Aurelius

This implies that fears hold us back from having and showing the confidence that would otherwise be ours.Questioning our confidence is quite normal, particularly when we are attempting something we haven’t tried before. I can recall the first time I competed in golf
tournaments, the first time I coached; there were plenty of doubts…at times they are still there. Certainly having a greater level of confidence would have been handy at the time but the important thing is that didn’t stop me from pursuing those activities.Confidence is having a level of certainty that you are capable of achieving whatever it is that you set out to do

What holds you back?  Causes of low self-confidence: Continue Reading→


Move On

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Accepting the poor shot, dealing with the emotions, and committing to the next shot are challenges that even the best players find difficult.  If you asked any golfer if they have ever had the perfect round, there would not be many who could confidently say yes.  Success comes to those golfers who can deal with poor outcomes more efficiently and turn the negative emotions and results into positive ones.   Continue Reading→