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Launch It

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If you have a hard time getting your tee shots up in the air, you’re giving up serious distance. I’ve got a tip that will help you: Check your stance width. I see so many amateurs who stand too narrow. They set their feet about as wide as their hips, head in line with the ball, shoulders level(below, right). That’s not a stable position, and usually sends the ball short and right.

Try this instead: Take your normal stance, then drop your right foot back a few inches, letting your head go with it. Your spine will tilt away from the target, with your shoulders angled upward(below, left). Now you’re in position to really launch the ball. In fact, you’ll hit it slightly on the upswing without changing anything in your swing. That’ll give you a higher trajectory and more carry distance.

Source Butch Harmon(Golf Digest)





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Run and Hit -Pitching

Around the green create a shot easy or more difficult to a specific target.  Using 1 ball, you must hit 10 shots to that same target.   Before hitting each shot you must run around the green.  Once back at the ball, run through your full pre-shot routine prior to hitting each shot.   After you have hit your shot pick up your ball and start to run around the green again.  Repeat 10 times.  It is important to note the quality of shots early in the drill compared to the last half of the drill.  Do they drop off?  What can you do to help deal with the lack of breath or the heart beating more quickly?  Allocate points in relation to where the shot finishes.  5 points if you hole out, 2 points if the ball finishes within 1 club length, 0 points if outside of 1 club length.

Repeat this drill a various stages of you practice.


Increasing your Rotation Forward

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Using any club, set up to the ball.  Then turn your hips, chest and arms slightly so that you are now setting up to an imaginary ball opposite your right foot.  Start your swing from here and finish normally.  Because you have started further behind the ball your body must rotate further forward to get back to the ball.  Be aware of how your body feels in its finish position, have you moved more into your left side? Hit 5-7 shots this way and then test it by hitting a shot from a standard set up and try and recreate the finish as if you were doing the drill.


Set Up, Tempo, Timing

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Ball position has enormous influence on how our body reacts in an attempt to find the ball with the club head. If positioned correctly you can swing with more freedom, but if it is in the wrong position you will have to make a compensation to guarantee a suitable ball flight.

Spine tilt at address is also a key aspect in your set up.  Tilting your spine to the right will make the aspects of your downswing easier to accomplish.  The shifting and turning of your hips towards the target will be made more easily is you start with some spine tilt at address and maintain it throughout the backswing.

A balanced set up will help produce better body motion in both directions.  You should also place your weight just slightly toward the balls of your feet.

In your backswing the idea really is to keep your arm movement to a minimum.  Swinging the club head not the grip will ensure power is created and maintained throughout the backswing. The arms are moved by the turning of the body.  Your right leg will act as an axis, rotating your hips, torso, and shoulders away from the ball.  Throughout your backswing your club face should remain slightly closed in relation to the target line.

The transition is a series of events that occur as the backswing evolves into the downswing.  This is your source of power.  It gives the sensation of rhythm, coordination and flow.  The change of direction from the backswing to the downswing is an aspect of the swing that will determine distance, accuracy and consistency.

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