Positive Points Game to Increase Your Confidence

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This is a variation of the game that Eben Dennis talks about in his Power Feel Golf Book. The game was invented by the late Ted Ball and is called “Cuts and Scrapes”. Try it and it will definitely help your mental game and lower your scores.

The game is designed to credit anything positive about your shots and your routine, so that becomes the focus. The more positive thoughts you have, the more you will suppress the negatives which is what we need to do for better performance. It is designed to teach you to focus on the process of hitting the shot at hand and to get you to stay in the present, instead of thinking about your total score.

There are two versions of the game:

Results Based:

The player scores:

1 point for hitting a fairway
1 point for hitting a green in regulation
1 point for being closest to the pin
1 point for a birdie
1 point for an up and down save for par

The player loses a point for:

Leaving a putt short
Scoring a double bogey
Taking more than 2 putts

Process Focused:

This game is called “Circle 18″ and rewards you only when you have stuck to your routine for EVERY shot during the hole.

At the end of each hole, circle the hole number on the scorecard, only if you have stuck to the process of your routine for every shot. This should include:

1. Picking a small target or spot on the green
2. Visualizing the shape the shot
3. Feeling that shot with practice swings (nothing technical)
4. Getting aligned correctly
5. Forgetting about the shot once you’ve put the club back in the bag

Total up your score and make 18 circles your target for the round. This will help you start to focus on the positive steps of your routine, instead of chasing a score and you will undoubtedly play better.

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