Uncontrollable Factors, Controllable Factors

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Factors that affect Performance

Uncontrollable Factors
(Eg: crowds, weather,other perfromances,luck)

Controllable Factors
(Eg: organised, body language,mental process, tempo)

• thinking about school, socialising, or work
• being distracted by someone in the crowd
• worrying about winning (thinking about the outcome)
• being uncertain about own abilities (self-doubt)
• struggling with a new technique
• having no plan
• being too nervous
• feeling too much pressure from others (parents, peers, or coach)
• thinking you have won
• thinking the fight is a lost cause
• thinking about the next round of tournament (while still involved in the current round)
• worrying about what others might think (parents, peers, or coach)
• being concerned about other people’s performances (opponents)
• thinking about what someone said or did to you before the tournament
• skipping the normal pre tournament routine
• feeling like being somewhere else (mind wanders)
• feeling burnt out
• having unrealistic expectations
• dwelling on mistakes
• having doubts about physical preparation
• trying too hard
• participating in a competition or tournament below your ability level
• participating in a competition or tournament above your ability level
• spacing out (visiting another planet)
• being self-conscious performing in front of others
• disagreeing with officials
• losing your temper
• thinking about what it is you do not want to do
• being distracted by the opposition
• having no reason for being there
• realising the tournament is running late
• doing unexpectedly well
• doing unexpectedly poorly
• being bored between matches
• thinking about what impact the outcome of tournament might have
• swearing at yourself
• having to reach preset criteria/having to qualify for squads or teams
• performing in front of selectors having ongoing arguments with others
• (add your own)__________________________________________

For each of the situations, highlight the ones that you believe are something that contributes to you performing inconsistently or below your potential in a match.  What environment can you create to reach your potential?

Remember you can’t control everything but you can be in control.