Problem = Solution

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Problem Not knowing what to practice.

Solution Know your game and devise a practice plan.

To be intentional in your training assumes you know what it is you are going to practice. In this instance the player isn’t even really sure what to practice.

Nothing wastes more time than wondering what to practice. During the session the internal voice is asking whether you are practicing the right thing or not. This doubt will undermine the quality of the session and fail to cement any learnings from the session.

The easiest way to determine the areas of your game most in need of development is to collate statistical data from your game and to analyse it.

Generally there should be approximately a 60:40 break-up of time with 60% devoted to short game (putting, chipping, bunkers and pitching up to around 60 metres). There should then be a slight bias toward the areas of the game which are showing up as statistically in need of development. This certainly doesn’t mean an ‘all the eggs in one basket’ approach as that would be unbalanced.

What are the strengths of your game?

Which are the areas in need of development?

What is the priority in practice for you for this month?

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