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When is the last time you saw a tour pro fall over after a routine swing? Not very often.

Now try to remember last time you played a round with your buddies without seeing someone fall out of a shot at least once?

Balance and it’s probably one of the most misunderstood parts of the swing. You’re feet, and poor balance, can contribute to lots of swing problems.

A sway, a reverse spine angle, a reverse pivot, or hanging back on your right side can all potential be traced back to the feet. So we might as well eliminate that possibility.

So how do I know if I have bad balance?

Its not easy to “feel” if you have good balance or not, so get a stopwatch and lets find out for sure.

Stand with your feet together and your arms hanging down by your side. Raise your left foot off the ground, but keep your left knee where it is. Once you feel comfortable, CLOSE YOUR EYES.

The test begins. Start the stopwatch, or count to yourself, and try to stand there as long as you can. If you feel your plant foot move or the up foot comes down, then the test is over and stop the clock. Now if you didn’t get at least 10 seconds, we might have a problem.

The good news about bad balance is that it is one of the easier things to work on. Just practice!

By Tyler Ferrell PGATOUR.COM