Sustained Energy

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Loss of stamina and endurance toward the end of an eighteen-hole round of golf happens to many golfers and can often be attributed to poor nutrition. To keep up the pace and go the distance, there is no substitute for good nutrition.

Good golf nutrition has many of the same characteristics as good general nutrition. Foods that are low in fat and contain balanced portions of lean protein and slow release carbohydrates make the best choices, and the golfer’s diet should include lots of these.

Lean meat, fish, and poultry are all excellent choices and should be staples in a high nutrition diet, as should carbohydrates containing whole wheat sources and green leafy vegetables.

Golfers should avoid starchy foods like potatoes, white breads, corn, and foods high in sugars. These can serve to make you groggy and less able to react properly. They will rob you of stamina rather than enhance it.

Instead of eating a traditional “three meals per day,” golfers can benefit from learning to eat several small meals over the course of the day. This process helps to train the body to take in energy in small doses and use that energy more efficiently.

Golfers need to drink lots of water. Anywhere from eight to ten glasses per day is optimal, and more than that may be necessary when playing – especially during the summer or in places with a warm climate. Hydration is very important.

Two things to stay away from are caffeine and alcohol. Both can adversely affect your play. Caffeine over-stimulates your muscles and increases your heart rate. It makes it difficult to concentrate and can cause you to play with less elements of control. Alcoholic beverages, of course, can significantly reduce your coordination, even in small doses. It’s best not to drink any alcohol before or during play unless you don’t mind the compromise in performance.

Use these simple tips to gain a competitive advantage over your foursome while preserving your energy and increasing your stamina and endurance. Keep your nutrition sound and you’ll reap a lifetime of benefits.

Source Susan Hill Fitness for Golf