You Can Learn To Read Greens

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Being able to read the green, see the break and the line you want the ball to start on is a skill that you can learn.  The aim is to figure out what the ball is going to do after it leaves the putter, so you can make the ball leave on the right line to break to the hole.  The more information your brain has, the better it can calculate the outcome.

Points to remember:

  1. When approaching the green keep your head up and your eyes open.  Have a look for any overall slope in the green, which influences the way most putts will break.
  2. Examine your putt first from behind the ball, then from behind the hole and then if you still have not yet decided on the line then take a look from the low side of the break halfway between the ball and the hole.
  3. Be conscious of aiming at your target (the apex of the break), and not aiming toward the hole.
  4. Be aware that grain will impact your read most dramatically on fast downhill and side hill putts.

Source Stan Utley The Art of Putting