Split Grip -Shots

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Have some swings at half speed with your hands apart.  Swing the club head more like a baseball, tee ball swing on the horizontal to start with then move down to a more regular swing.  When you are comfortable with the sensation of the hands apart tee the ball up and hit some shots (half speed only). Rotate forward into a balanced finish always.

By splitting your grip so that your hands are not touching it will make you rotate forward more with your body so that your arms and body will work together and are more coordinated.  Any arm swings, pulling of the grip or flicking the club head to lift the ball off the ground will result in your hands getting crossed up and the club head passing your body.  You will start to find a way to turn your body as the sensation of an all arms or wrist swing is off putting.  Where the club head hits the ground will be very inconsistent, until you start to turn more freely.